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Welcome To Beat The Cowboy Builder™ your one stop shop to beating rogue builders. We offer you the finest help and advice on dealing with this menace and also show you how to protect yourself in the future.

We have a full range of services on offer all listed below. Whether you need some advice with an existing project or need us to manage the project for you, we can help you in whatever capacity you need.

We can also advise you in your quest for a reliable, trustworthy local builder. Contact us today and see if we can help.

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Cowboy Builder Help & Advice

We are the UK's leading service in help and advice with shoddy workmanship. We have hundreds of satisfied customers.

Beat the Cowboy Builder Pursue Cowboys

Pursue Cowboy Builders

Unfortunately, you may find yourself the victim of rogue traders. We are experts in helping you to actively pursue them.

We can get you your money back

Get You Your Money Back

Found yourself the victim of rogue builders & out of pocket? We have the means of recouping the monies owed to you.

We offer Legal Services

Get The Justice You Need

Our Specialist Legal Services are renowned for obtaining the justice you require if you have been a victim of rogue traders.

We provide Specialist Consultancy

Consultancy Service

Need an onsite Consultant or expert advice on your building project? We offer unequalled consultancy services to help aid your works.

We offer Project Management Services

Project Management Service

We are experts in the process of planning projects, organising works and controlling resources to achieve specific project goals.

We provide Site Management Services

Site Management Service

Need an expert to manage your works, or, get existing works back on track? BTCB can show you why 100% of our customers are satisfied.

Beat The Cowboy Builder sell The Guide

BTCB Guide

Prevention is better than cure. We offer you Beat The Cowboy Builder, A Project Management Guide to help you avoid the cowboys.

We can recommend Licensed Local Building Trades

Trade Recommendation

Need a trustworthy, reliable accredited trade? We can offer you the finest licensed trades the UK has to offer.

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