Service Provider? You need us more than we need you…

Service Provider? You need us

Service Provider? You need us more than we need you…

Part 2 of a 2 part Blog.

As we discussed in part 1 we have a system in place that will provide you with all the documentation you require. There is a charge for these documents. In addition to this we will enter you onto our Service Provider data base. This data base is operated by our sister company The United Kingdom Federation of Builders. [UKFB].

This company is also trademarked and this allows you to offer your services as fully Licensed Builders. Yes, FULLY Licensed Builders. That’s a claim no other organisation in the UK can make.

Becoming a member entitles you to utilise both of our logos on your advertising literature. Doing this puts the full professional expertise of both our companies behind you. This is without a doubt a very prodigious position to place yourself in as your company or business will certainly stand out from the rest.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim; between your professional approach and your expertise this makes you a leader in this field.

To minimise the opposition in any area we have set up our system so that we operate County by County, we will only enrol 9 of any given service in any one County throughout the UK. That’s 9 plumbers, 9 electricians etc. We will always recommend to the client three of the trades in that County to price any works for them. All the contact and pricing of works is strictly between the trade and the client; we have no input into that at all.

Now the biggest downfall of most self employed builders is the fact they do not enter into a contract with the client. This ladies and gentlemen is a very foolish thing to do. Do not be misled into thinking because your price has been accepted by a client and they have given you permission to start, you have a contract. Let me assure you that you certainly do not have a contract. All you have is an accepted price and a possible start date; you are unprotected and are wide open to abuse. You must have a contract in place signed, agreed and dated by both parties.

Get the cover you need to protect yourself. As part of our documentation package we give you a free certified contract to produce for your client.

We enrol you in our UKFB Data base. We have an avid interest in both the trade and the client we want both to be happy at the end of the day. There is absolutely no point in taking the chance you will not be caught, things and times have changed so the old attitude of I have done it this way for years needs to change.

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