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how to avoid cowboy builders

How to Avoid Cowboy Builders

Top Tips on how to avoid Cowboy Builders This is by no means an easy thing to do but we can help you avoid cowboy builders by following some of our expert advice. The biggest problem you face is you don’t know they are cowboys until it’s too late. So, the question is how can you spot them beforehand? There are a few things you can do but you must be stringent. Seek out completed works recommendations. Seek out previous satisfied clients. [...]

free guaranteed trades

Employ our Guaranteed Trades Today – FREE

Employ our Guaranteed Trades Today. Ladies, wives, girlfriends, homeowners, I want to speak directly to you. It goes without saying that you are the Managing Director in your home, you call the shots, we men love to believe we are in charge, that of course is wishful thinking on our behalf!!! But at the end of the day what you say, often goes. I know this isn’t a very PC thing to say in 2015 but, I can only speak from [...]

listen again the cowboy builder discussion bbc radio 5 live

Listen to Ron Pye on Cowboy Builders – BBC Radio 5 Live

Listen again to Ron Pye on Cowboy Builders – BBC Radio 5 Live Did you manage to catch our CEO Ron Pye on BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday 9/11/2015? Ron was asked to contribute to the discussion regarding cowboy builders and how best to avoid them. Ron was joined by Liz Male, Chair of Trustmark and Harry Wallop, Feature Writer from the Daily Telegraph. The format of the show was for all parties to share opinions and provide some tips [...]

Ronald Pye to appear on BBC Radio 5 Live

BTCB MD Ronald Pye to appear on BBC Radio 5 Live

Beat the Cowboy Builder MD Ronald Pye to appear on BBC Radio 5 Live Our MD Ronald Pye has been asked to appear on the BBC Radio 5 Live Adrian Chiles show 5 Live Daily this coming Monday, 9 November 2015. The subject under the spotlight will be Cowboy Builders and all related issues. Ron will be joined on the show by leading figures in the UK construction industry and Government backed bodies that attempt to make an impact on the issue [...]

UK tradesmen and tradeswomen

UK Tradesmen and Tradeswomen – The Finest Available.

I think it’s about time we spoke about our fine UK tradesmen and women. Very few  speak on their behalf and that to me is totally unfair. Did you know that the UK is reputed to have the finest trades in the world? It’s a fact we should all remember, but they are having a bad time of it as well. They are caught between two fires, on one side the bad builders and on the other side by bad clients. [...]