How to Avoid Cowboy Builders

how to avoid cowboy builders

How to Avoid Cowboy Builders

Top Tips on how to avoid Cowboy Builders

This is by no means an easy thing to do but we can help you avoid cowboy builders by following some of our expert advice.

The biggest problem you face is you don’t know they are cowboys until it’s too late. So, the question is how can you spot them beforehand? There are a few things you can do but you must be stringent.
  1. Seek out completed works recommendations. Seek out previous satisfied clients. Ask friends and families for previous work histories. Do not employ a builder based solely on the fact that a friend/ family member said he is good. Ask yourself the question: Do you really know he is a good competent builder?
  2. Every cowboy is looking for cash money; it’s their bread and butter, so one of the first signs of a bad builder is that they will offer you a deal of some kind to save you (a lot of) money. No VAT charged, spare materials from a job they have just finished, all sorts of things they come up with, you are going to be tempted and that’s a fact. 40% of the problems we deal with are caused by deals being made. To do this deal you will have to come up with cash, now things change for the worst, he has the cash and all you have is a promise. NO CASH DEALS PLEASE.
  3. Under no circumstances pay a large sum of money to any builder until the work is completed. Any builder worth his salt and his reputation should have ample credit facilities to cover the project they are working on. THIS IS A QUESTION YOU HAVE TO ASK. It is not an offensive question and certainly one you should not be afraid to ask. You need to know whoever you are going to award your contract to has the means to fulfill that contract.
  4. Do not appoint anybody who is not VAT registered. If the person you appoint is VAT registered they have a history and are traceable. They have to divulge the correct information to the VAT man, this means you can find them if they do a runner.
  5. Sad to say but, trust no one. Trust is fatal for you believe me, these people can convince you that there could be all kinds of work and additional work needed and you are highly likely to believe them. Get everything in writing, paperwork, emails, documents are the key. If they can’t, or refuse, to produce the documents that you rightfully request do not employ them.

Now, of course one has to pay for the work being carried out so pay only by credit card if you can. Then if things go wrong you can claim the money back. If he/ she doesn’t take credit cards, ask to arrange a staged payments plan. Basically, once you get some completed works, you pay for them as you go along so you are not handing over huge amounts of money up front.

As we have suggested, sometimes to get a decent builder can be a long hard road fraught with difficulty. Most builders out there really are good decent people the problem is you just don’t know until it’s too late.

Do you have the time or, want all the hassle, of asking for recommendations, selecting & interviewing builders followed by running checks on the prospective candidates for your job? At the end of all this inconvenience you have to decide on whom you will use. Believe me choosing the correct trade for the correct job is not easy even when you know every aspect of the construction elements involved, but as a none skilled homeowner it’s a complete nightmare.

I suggest you take the safe route to security in your build. Avoid cowboy builders and use our FREE SERVICE to find a builder, we have on our books fully authenticated trades and other service providers that we guarantee will give you a good honest job. Ours is a two edged sword, for every client who uses our service we put an honest trades person into work and a criminal out of work. And to be truthful, we love it!!

Contact us and we will help protect you and remember the service is FREE.

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