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Ron Pye eliminating doubt of employing trades

Eliminating Doubt when Employing a Trade

Coming Soon – An Alliance to change construction Beat the Cowboy Builder are taking a brand new pioneering step in the realms of property renovation and repair. Our mission as many of you well know is to prevent poor works and to aid you the customer when you have fallen foul of shoddy workmanship or, as we all too often experience, something far, far worse. We want to eliminate the doubt when employing trades. It is our intention to give a new [...]

2016 - Say NO to Cowboy Builders

Cowboy Builders 2016 – NO More Scams!!

Say NO to Cowboy Builders and NO to scams in 2016 It’s a brand new year and I believe we need to look at adopting a new approach to it. A change of attitude is called for and the reason I say this is it has become increasingly evident to us that the Cowboy Builders really have come out to play this year. Since returning to work in January, that’s one month, we have had 27 complaints from the public concerning [...]

Building Contract

Why You Should have a Building Contract in Place.

An Apology from Ron Pye to the Genuine Honest Trades of the UK I have received some criticism regarding information I put out in my blog piece How to avoid Cowboy Builders. I feel I must apologise if anybody was misled or my remarks could be misleading in any way. I stated that one should never give large sums of money to any builder prior to the work being completed to a satisfactory standard. This has been misconstrued as meaning do not pay [...]

how to avoid cowboy builders

How to Avoid Cowboy Builders

Top Tips on how to avoid Cowboy Builders This is by no means an easy thing to do but we can help you avoid cowboy builders by following some of our expert advice. The biggest problem you face is you don’t know they are cowboys until it’s too late. So, the question is how can you spot them beforehand? There are a few things you can do but you must be stringent. Seek out completed works recommendations. Seek out previous satisfied clients. [...]

listen again the cowboy builder discussion bbc radio 5 live

Listen to Ron Pye on Cowboy Builders – BBC Radio 5 Live

Listen again to Ron Pye on Cowboy Builders – BBC Radio 5 Live Did you manage to catch our CEO Ron Pye on BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday 9/11/2015? Ron was asked to contribute to the discussion regarding cowboy builders and how best to avoid them. Ron was joined by Liz Male, Chair of Trustmark and Harry Wallop, Feature Writer from the Daily Telegraph. The format of the show was for all parties to share opinions and provide some tips [...]

Avoid VAT fraud by cowboy builders

How to avoid the VAT fraud scam used by Cowboy Builders

How to avoid the VAT fraud scam used by Cowboy Builders You are probably the same as me when it comes to the issue of Cowboy builders and Rogue traders. I am absolutely sick to the back teeth about reading and hearing about them albeit they are a blight on our society, they are there and we will have to live with that fact, we are never going to be able to stop them operating. Why can’t we stop them operating! [...]

Your home is in safe hands with Beat the Cowboy Builder

Storm & Flood Damage Response Plan – FREE SERVICE

Storm & Flood Damage Response Plan – FREE SERVICE In the final part of this 3 part blog post on storm and flood damage I will be explaining to you how we have come up with a system to provide you with reliable, trustworthy trades when you need them the most. So, how do you access our Storm & Flood Damage Response Plan service? In the first instance let me tell you that this service is completely FREE OF CHARGE. You [...]

storm and flood damage

Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared? Part 2

Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared? Part 2 Firstly, I would like to apologise for the late running of this update to my first post on this subject. We have been upgrading our servers which has led to a few gremlins in the system but thanks to our tech’s we are back up and running. It is an unfortunate circumstance when storm & flood damage strikes rogue traders know you are distressed and you will do anything for help. They [...]

storm & flood damage

Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared?

Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared? Firstly, apologies for being the prophet of doom, but storm & flood damage is a huge issue here in the UK and worldwide. What happens in the event of a major weather surge, inevitably properties will suffer damage or be flooded out, sometimes both? We in this country are undergoing a change in weather conditions and we have to learn to manage storm & flood damage. It’s a fact that we have to accept. The [...]

ron pye managing director of beat the cowboy builder

Relaunch of Beat the Cowboy Builder Blog

Good day to you. My name is Ron Pye and I am the author of this blog page which is being relaunched as of today. I also operate two UK based Trademarked Registered Companies named: “Beat the Cowboy Builder” and the “United Kingdom Federation of Builders”. Both of these companies operate in tandem for reasons that will become apparent as you digest my future blogs. Using the knowledge I have accrued over 45 years of working in the construction industry progressing [...]