Cheshire builder jailed for tax fraud

HMRC to turn spotlight on umbrella companies

Cheshire builder jailed for tax fraud

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A 49-year-old Wilmslow man has been jailed for tax fraud after pocketing nearly £115,000 of tax that he deducted from subcontractors instead of paying to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Peter Jones from Central Place, Station Road, Wilmslow was registered under HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme as PJD Cheshire Builders, employing subcontractors for work carried out on renovations and property development.

When he de-registered, HMRC’s investigations revealed that he had continued to employ subcontractors for five and a half years but failed to pay HMRC the tax deducted from them.

He was sentenced to 24 months in jail for tax fraud, reduced by a third for an early guilty plea to 16 months.

HMRC assistant director Sandra Smith said: “Jones abused his position when he failed to pay tax that was due in an attempt to line his own pockets. HMRC takes tax fraud extremely seriously and anyone deliberately choosing to evade the taxes they owe should expect not only a heavy fine, but possibly a criminal prosecution as well.”

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