Cowboy Builders 2016 – NO More Scams!!

2016 - Say NO to Cowboy Builders

Cowboy Builders 2016 – NO More Scams!!

Say NO to Cowboy Builders and NO to scams in 2016

It’s a brand new year and I believe we need to look at adopting a new approach to it. A change of attitude is called for and the reason I say this is it has become increasingly evident to us that the Cowboy Builders really have come out to play this year.

Since returning to work in January, that’s one month, we have had 27 complaints from the public concerning the activities of cowboy builders and rogue traders. That’s nearly one a day folks, a very worrying trend.

I thought it might be an interesting exercise to make a comparison on this trend for the whole year;
At the present rate we are looking at some 365 complaints this year. I have worked out the average cost per complaint to the figure of 18,000 pounds per project. If we multiply this figure by the 365 complaints, we are given an end total of £6,570,000 pounds.

6 and a half million pounds… conned out of people like you by this increasing epidemic.

Cowboys do not discriminate – Anyone is a potential target

That is frightening, what you have to realise is you are in the frame and the prime target for this con. I honestly believe we are only scratching the surface of this problem. We have no other way of knowing other than recording the complaints we receive as there are no exact figures held by any professional body on this issue. Nobody can put an accurate figure on this problem simply because noone knows how many of these con artists there are out there.

You have to take measures to protect yourself, six of the complaints we have received are about companies who have been recommended to them by well known Trade Recommendation sites. However, that tells another story entirely!

This company as a whole have dedicated our time and effort into providing the public with protection against these people. We have also had great success in chasing them following bad, unsafe and incomplete works being carried out. To date we have a ninety seven percent success rate. I hope you will forgive me this but, even if I say it myself we are pretty damn good at what we do.

If you require any reputable service or somebody has conned you we urge you to contact us. We have the knowledge and the expertise of honest trade’s people who will not rip you off.

Go to our website You can speak direct with a human, and not a machine, all our people are trained to do one thing, That is to to LISTEN.

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