Eliminating Doubt when Employing a Trade

Ron Pye eliminating doubt of employing trades

Eliminating Doubt when Employing a Trade

Coming Soon – An Alliance to change construction

Beat the Cowboy Builder are taking a brand new pioneering step in the realms of property renovation and repair.
Our mission as many of you well know is to prevent poor works and to aid you the customer when you have fallen foul of shoddy workmanship or, as we all too often experience, something far, far worse. We want to eliminate the doubt when employing trades.
It is our intention to give a new approach to the age old problem of placing trust in a service provider that you do not know. We all want to keep our properties up to a decent standard of repair, at the end of the day they are our pride and joy. To do this we need to employ the services of professional people who we need to be able to trust. It is our intention to remove the element of doubt something that has been extremely difficult to do, before now.

What on earth are we going on about you may well ask?

In our experience the doubt is unfortunately, usually down to taking short cuts, looking for a deal, or believing somebody that tells you he/she can do a job far cheaper. Basically, looking to save money. We can try and convince you the moon is made of green cheese if that’s what you want to hear, we both know it isn’t but, it sounds good so we all decide let’s have some.

To eliminate this menace we need all the help we can get, that includes vigilant, savvy consumers when employing trades

Ron Pye founder of Beat the Cowboy Builder explains ‘It’s a fool’s errand from day one; if something is cheaper then it’s going to be of a lower standard. The only way anybody can give you a far lower price for a job of work or a service is to use sub standard materials that they can buy cheaply.’ ‘In addition to this they use labour that is unskilled and cannot produce the standard you are looking for.’ ‘Its common sense, believe me this is the voice of 45 years of experience, you will only get what you pay for.’ ‘I see and hear this every day of the week.’

Pye continues ‘You the client can work with and together we can control this element of doubt when employing trades or service providers’

‘As a first measure to help with this issue I have now taken over the United Kingdom Federation of Builders [UKFB].’ ‘I am looking to recruit the finest, trustworthy, vetted trades that will help you the customer in eliminating the doubt that I have described and also help the trades with a renewed trust in the domestic sector.’
Full details of this alliance between Beat the Cowboy Builder and United Kingdom Federation of Builders will follow in official press releases and blog pieces in the coming weeks.

Ron Pye further states ‘One thing I can share at this point is this: This is going to be a completely unique and pioneering way of helping UK trades, service providers and you the customer as a whole. Something that has never been done before in this country.’

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