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Employ our Guaranteed Trades Today – FREE

Employ our Guaranteed Trades Today.

Ladies, wives, girlfriends, homeowners, I want to speak directly to you.

It goes without saying that you are the Managing Director in your home, you call the shots, we men love to believe we are in charge, that of course is wishful thinking on our behalf!!! But at the end of the day what you say, often goes. I know this isn’t a very PC thing to say in 2015 but, I can only speak from my own personal and professional experience.

Most ladies I deal with on the telephone on a daily basis always tell me similar stories. Worry, stress and heartache. Sometimes I can hear the husband in the background prompting the lady to say things about what has gone on and how it has led to the mess they are in. One point I want to make here is that it is 90% the woman of the house who phones me. Very rarely is it the man.

Now, most men, when things go wrong, will immediately wash their hands and step away from the problem, now don’t have a pop at me lads I said most men! They then leave it to the lady of the house to sort out. So now she has become the family financial adviser. Another role to play. What I am suggesting is you ladies need to take the bull by the horns from day one; you will do it anyway once any builder comes to your home. You will be the one that makes the decisions on all that is going to happen.

Now taking on a building project is not an easy task and the main ingredient in this venture is TRUST.

You are going to place your property, your lovely comfortable home, and the safety and security of your children in the hands of a complete and utter stranger, somebody you don’t know from Adam. In this day and age that’s a big step to take but your options are limited if you want the work carried out.

So how can you ensure you get the work done to a standard that is fit for purpose in a time frame that is reasonable and within the budget you have allocated? Believe it or not the latter are the hardest things to achieve on any project.

What are the most important priorities for you on a new project? Let’s put these priorities in the correct order

  • Number one is who are you going to appoint to do this work.

There are a hundred questions associated with this appointment, you are the green horn and your knowledge is limited so that places you in a vulnerable position.

  • How will I now if this person is doing the work correctly?

The problem here is you will not know until such time as the work is finished, by that time the damage is done.

  • How can I ensure that the builder is all he says he is?

Unfortunately you are going to have to rely on that magic word trust, not really the answer you are looking for.

There are reams of advice written all over the internet, so much in fact it has become confusing and some of this advice is also confusing.

My advice is simple – ignore the lot.

This whole scenario is a nightmare, it is a vicious circle that you will find very hard to get any answers to.

Common sense has to be brought into this equation; when in doubt ask, and who better to ask than a professional, we are offering you this protected service for FREE, it costs you nothing to be put in contact with a truly professional service provider in your area.

We guarantee you will never be ripped off by one of our guaranteed trades.

And do not lose sight of the fact that you have our professional backing throughout your project.

We want to offer our services direct to you.

Contact us directly on 0845 475 2421 and on email: [email protected]

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