UK Tradesmen and Tradeswomen – The Finest Available.

UK tradesmen and tradeswomen

UK Tradesmen and Tradeswomen – The Finest Available.

I think it’s about time we spoke about our fine UK tradesmen and women.

Very few  speak on their behalf and that to me is totally unfair.

Did you know that the UK is reputed to have the finest trades in the world? It’s a fact we should all remember, but they are having a bad time of it as well. They are caught between two fires, on one side the bad builders and on the other side by bad clients. They are undercut by the bad element and a lot of clients do not pay them what they are due.

Now these boys and girls have been fighting against the bad builders for years and know how to handle them, but what does one do when a client refuses to pay for works that meet the standards that are set down? Your average builder trying to make a living does not have the resource to take clients to court, so it rarely happens. He/ She doesn’t have the time and in most cases doesn’t have the money to do this sort of thing so they have to swallow the bitter pill.

It’s happened to me enough times and it’s a killer believe me. Yes… I’ve been the subject of none paying clients like many of you have.

Beat the Cowboy Builder have now decided to intervene and assist our UK tradesmen and women to fight this corner. We are giving them a contract. Yes giving them one for free, something most have never had. We advise every contractor to issue this contract to each and every client they do work for, no matter what size the job. The contract is absolutely legally binding and is in use in the UK as I write. All trades that operate with us have to issue this contract as part of the conditions we operate under.

The public and the service provider have to think about this:

  • A contract being in place protects both parties, not just one, it ensures both parties play by the rules that are set down in law. It gives both the client and the builder an element of protection and comfort, it is a legal means of control that works for everybody so having a contract in place has to be beneficial.

This to me this is the epitome of irony. A bad builder comes along and rips you off, ruins your home and takes your money. What is the first thing you are going to do? You are going to make phone calls and hopefully engage a reputable builder to correct the problem. I now get the argument of hindsight is a wonderful thing, well if hindsight was foresight we would all be millionaires and that’s a fact. But, we have given you the foresight to combat this evil menace, we have told you the dangers of not using reputable trade’s people or service providers. We offer an absolutely free service that gives you absolute protection from this menace.

I don’t want to muddy the waters by saying we only issue our free contract to UK tradesmen and women, we issue our free contract to any person or company that is classed as a Service Provider. That’s anyone who offers a service for payment in the domestic domain.

So please, for your own protection, use the service that is offered to you, it’s FREE.

Contact us and use our free service, put our trades back to good honest work, it’s no less than they deserve.

E mail us and get your free contract today or if you require a service of any kind. It will save you money.

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