Happy New Year 2016 – Need a Service Provider?

use our free service provider recommendation service in 2016

Happy New Year 2016 – Need a Service Provider?

Happy New Year 2016 – All the very best

Well folks, clichéd as it may be, another year has passed it’s now the NEW YEAR. Beat the Cowboy Builder would like to wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous 2016.

I expect a lot of you are planning to have all sorts of works carried out on your property throughout this year, you will no doubt have the same dilemma as last year. WHO do you get to do it? What service provider can you REALLY trust?

After the last year, 2015 I can honestly only say one thing in relation to this problem that you might face and that is quite simply to use our free service. We have the guaranteed Service Providers on our books to give you first class work. They are but a phone call away from you. The only cost from us to you is the price of the contact phone call. You of course have to pay for the service provided by the service provider, other than that our services are free.

Service Provider Recommendation Service

The consolation you have when you use our free service is you know exactly who you are getting. You know exactly who you are letting into your home. No dodgy awkward characters who will try to inflate the agreed price or leave behind shoddy workmanship. Proper, trusted, vetted, honest people who do an excellent job of work no matter which service it is. You also have the added consolation of having some form of backup if you have a problem. We don’t vanish as we have installed a backup service for your protection. You phone us with your problem and we will take the service provider to task, we will sort any problem out there and then. Guaranteed.

Nobody else and NO other company offers this service. Why? you might ask? Well it’s easy for us because we are not money motivated. All our staff are from professional construction backgrounds who are first and foremost people motivated and have pride in an industry that is second to none. We truly believe you, the general public, are entitled to a first class job of work which at the end of the day you are paying for and keeping people employed, that’s our motivation and we are proud of that fact. Our country was built with these morals and we still believe in them.

So, please, as we recommend that you do, make full use of our free service and have a very happy 2016.

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