Listen to Ron Pye on Cowboy Builders – BBC Radio 5 Live

listen again the cowboy builder discussion bbc radio 5 live

Listen to Ron Pye on Cowboy Builders – BBC Radio 5 Live

Listen again to Ron Pye on Cowboy Builders – BBC Radio 5 Live

Did you manage to catch our CEO Ron Pye on BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday 9/11/2015? Ron was asked to contribute to the discussion regarding cowboy builders and how best to avoid them.

Ron was joined by Liz Male, Chair of Trustmark and Harry Wallop, Feature Writer from the Daily Telegraph. The format of the show was for all parties to share opinions and provide some tips on how to avoid being ripped off by these con-men.

Due to time constraints on the show Ron was unable to share his 3 top tips to avoid cowboy builders but would like to take this opportunity to share them with you today:

  1.  Check them out. Do some research, if a deal sounds too good to be true you can well believe that it is. Word of mouth is all well and good, however, we have had people who have had perfect recommendations from friends/ family members and they have turned out to be con men. So, do your homework. Visit previous completed works. Ask the previous clients of the builder you are looking to employ for a recommendation.
  2. Ask for a VAT Number. Any trades person who has a decent reputation and can prove that fact will be registered for VAT. You can check their VAT credentials via VIES VAT Number validation service FREE of charge HERE. If you are unsure or their credentials or they do not check out, do not hand over a penny of your cash. Read our full post on Trade VAT fraud.
  3.  Employ Beat The Cowboy Builder’s services. We have been hard at work, in collaboration with United Kingdom Federation of Builders and we can provide you with all the services that you will need for a successful build. We have hundreds of trades all over the UK that have been fully accredited, verified and checked out through UKFB’s systems and we can offer you their services FREE OF CHARGE. Yes. FREE. This is a completely free service to the public to almost certainly eliminate the possibility of you being ripped off.

If you missed the broadcast you can listen to it again HERE. The discussion on cowboy builder advice begins at around 2 hours 40 mins into the program.

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