**Official Notification** – ‘Trade Bashing’ – Beat The Cowboy Builder™

beat the cowboy builder does not condone trade bashing

**Official Notification** – ‘Trade Bashing’ – Beat The Cowboy Builder™

Official Notification – Beat The Cowboy Builder™

Beat The Cowboy Builder™ is not a ‘trade bashing’ website.

Beat The Cowboy Builder™ does not and would never condone trade bashing or any such behaviour. We do actively report all instances of people lawfully prosecuted for wrong doing but we do not ever and will not ever point the finger at trades without proper evidence.

It has become increasingly apparent that the moral basis of which our company is founded upon is now a common thought amongst the trades of the UK.

We at Beat The Cowboy Builder™ have long been of the opinion that the plethora of ‘Trade Recommendation’ websites and services available to the UK public are becoming a huge confusion to the public when trying to choose a trade/builder for works. A trade may be a member of one organisation, but not another. They may have a good verbal recommendation but not hold any accreditation, how can the public know they are genuine?

We at Beat The Cowboy Builder see/hear/experience all manner of wrong doing from cowboys from all aspects of the industry. We also see cowboys operating who are current/past members of well-known organisations and/or Trade Recommendation services.

Let it be known that we also experience genuine trades being short changed or generally being ripped off from customers as well. This is something that has long gone unreported.

It has come to our attention that a growing number UK trades are of the thought that these sites, including ours, are being used to ‘bash trades’ or ‘give trades a bad name’.

Beat The Cowboy Builder™ is of the opinion that we, in the UK, have the best trades in the world. In fact, this is a common opinion in the industry the world over.

We believe in celebrating the trades of the UK, but, we cannot escape the fact that the cowboy builder is present and shows no immediate sign of going away. It is the cowboys who are giving our genuine trades an extremely bad name.

In our opinion, what the industry needs is: Regulation from a recognised source.

The ‘trade bashing’ and ripping people off needs to be addressed and must stop if our industry is to continue and thrive once again.

Beat The Cowboy Builder™ prides itself on our reputation and we will continue to do so. Everybody knows what the issues really are but most are afraid to say them.

That is where we are different; we will approach these issues head on. From both sides of the coin. We will report on all aspects of the construction industry based on an informed opinion. You, the public, would expect nothing less of us and we will deliver those expectations to the best of our ability.



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  • Ayshea Reply

    There are always bad eggs in any industry. Although I have never had any structural work done to our house I have had a bathroom and kitchen worktop professionally fitted – no problems. The cost of the work was not cheap but I believe you get what you pay for – there is no way I could have tiled that well (I know because I did the so-so tiling in the kitchen – I should have paid someone to do it!). The worktop in the kitchen looks almost seamless – again something that neither me nor my husband could have done. Also had the bathroom ceiling plastered – I was surprised how long it took for such a small room but no complaints from me as it looks so much better than it did before!

    The only experience I have had of a what you might call a “cowboy builder” is a house builder, sadly it is not just some small builders which are the problem. You also see some pretty bad customer service from the big boys too. It was so bad that we (me and my husband) created a website My Keepmoat Homes Hell to warn others. I don’t believe that what they did to us they won’t do to someone else, so our only option is to try to warn as many people as possible to try to stop it happening again.

    Unfortunately some of the bad eggs give others in the industry a bad name – I can’t lie and say that our experience with Keepmoat hasn’t put us off looking at other new builds because it has. I’m sure that not all house builders are like that but it is the once bitten twice shy scenario – I just dare not risk going through the same nightmare all over again – the stress would be too much.

    July 14, 2014 at 1:47 pm

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