Relaunch of Beat the Cowboy Builder Blog

ron pye managing director of beat the cowboy builder

Relaunch of Beat the Cowboy Builder Blog

Good day to you.

My name is Ron Pye and I am the author of this blog page which is being relaunched as of today. I also operate two UK based Trademarked Registered Companies named: “Beat the Cowboy Builder” and the “United Kingdom Federation of Builders”. Both of these companies operate in tandem for reasons that will become apparent as you digest my future blogs.

Using the knowledge I have accrued over 45 years of working in the construction industry progressing from Apprentice Bricklayer to Project manager I have become an expert in the field of the Construction con-men and women.

They have been given fancy names like Cowboy builders and Rogue Traders when in fact they are one of the same, that’s criminals, robbers, and nothing less. They are the epitome of the professional conman.

Unfortunately what they do is not a criminal act in the eyes of the law, it is a civil offense that you as the property owner have to prove has taken place to obtain any form of redress.

I know everything there is to know about these people, how they operate their scams and the way they set up their dastardly deeds.

I have studied these people since inception some 25 years ago and believe me the day they were born was a sad one.

What one needs to be clear about is the fact that these people are not builders in any sense of the word; they are professional con-men with one ulterior motive that is to get their hands on your money. They have become very plausible and articulate they can charm the birds out of the trees and to be truthful one has to be more than careful if you unfortunately employ one to these people to carry out a job of work for you because they are very clever devious people.

Now I don’t think for one minute I am telling you something you do not already know but I do need to ask you a question, are you prepared to do something about it, do you want protection from them, I don’t think for one second think you don’t want protection so I urge you read my blogs and act on the information I will freely impart to you. Believe it or not there is more than enough legal protection in place that you don’t know about.

Read these blogs and draw your own conclusions, one thing I can assure you of you will find them informative and very helpful.

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