Rogue Traders in Mablethorpe – Lincolnshire Police

Rogue Traders in Mablethorpe - Lincolnshire Police

Rogue Traders in Mablethorpe – Lincolnshire Police

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Detective Constable Sarah Wright of Louth CID is hoping to alert residents of Rogue Traders in Mablethorpe and surrounding areas about who appear to have been operating there earlier in the month.

The offence was committed in the few days prior to 17th May when it was reported to the police. An elderly resident of Marian Avenue, Mablethorpe employed a man purporting to work for a gardening company called Lincolnshire Garden Maintenance, after a leaflet drop in the area. The man gave her a quote for gardening and fence replacement and did little or no work with a couple of associates before charging her around £500. This was well over the original quote.

The men were using a white Tranist type van with no writing upon it and were only contactable by mobile telephone.

The main offender used the name Chris and is described as white, well built, with cropped dark hair and mainly green clothing. His associates were in their late teens with dark hair.

Anyone with any information about the Rogue Traders in Mablethorpe and surrounding areas or who has been subjected to a similar crime is asked to contact Sarah via the 101non-emergency number. ALTERNATIVELY they can call CRIMESTOPPERS anonymously on 0800 555111.

Please do not employ persons who call unannounced or uninvited at your door. Always employ reputable people and companies, ideally on recommendation from someone you know and trust. Alway deal with people with a proper address and a landline telephone number. Look out for your elderly or vulnerable family members, freinds or neighbours and call 999 if you think a crime is in progress.

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