Service Provider? You could be breaking the law…

Builders are service providers and service providers must abide by the law

Service Provider? You could be breaking the law…

Are you a Service Provider? A Builder? A Trade? You could be breaking the law.

This blog is specifically for tradesmen and women operating in the domestic service industry. Builders. Every person operating a service for payment needs to read this blog; this is for your own protection.
What you are about to read should shock you.

  • 94 percent of you are acting in an illegal manner by operating the way you do at this time.
  • The first thing you have to be aware of is you are legally classed as a Service Provider and there is no escaping that fact.

We have carried out surveys of work that is ongoing and found that 94 percent of the Service Providers, Builder and Trades carrying out this work do not have the legally required documentation in place that allows them to do the work.
There are specific regulations set down in law that state quite clearly the documentation you have to produce for your client prior to any work progressing. Your client, the person you are doing the work for, has to have a copy of these documents or the electronic direction to access these documents.
It does not matter if you are a sole trader, working on a day to day bases on your own or an established company operating in the domestic sector. You are a service provider and you are legally required to produce these documents to your client.
If you operate in the domestic sector, that’s private households and properties, you have to have these documents available for inspection.

In the case of a site inspection by the official powers that be: [Health and Safety Executive] or the CMA [Competition Marketing Authority] you will become subject to legal penalties for disobeying the law. It’s a big chance to take.
This also applies in the cases of complaint. If the required complaints procedures are not provided for your clients the courts will frown upon you.

As a service provider, Not only are you working in an illegal manner, you are leaving yourself wide open to abuse by the client you are working for, if it is the case that they are aware of these regulations and you haven’t complied with them they can, and some do, use this as an excuse not to pay you.

You can’t take them to court, as you have no proof, so what are you going to do. You are snookered?

We have in place a system that will provide you with all the documentation you require, these documents are sent to you in template form all you have to do is enter your details. It’s as easy as that.

Part 2 coming this Friday.

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