Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared? Part 2

storm and flood damage

Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared? Part 2

Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared? Part 2

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the late running of this update to my first post on this subject. We have been upgrading our servers which has led to a few gremlins in the system but thanks to our tech’s we are back up and running.

It is an unfortunate circumstance when storm & flood damage strikes rogue traders know you are distressed and you will do anything for help. They will give you a sympathetic ear and tell you not to worry, I am very sorry to have to say this folks but its music in their ears that you are distressed you have now become the prime target to be ripped off.

I have not written this fact lightly. We have experience of this happening after every storm & flood damage disaster in this country, year upon year. I could write a book on this subject believe me, some of the very bad practices they carry out are beyond comprehension these are bad people who have no conscience at all.

Take note of this one very important point, they will always ask for cash to be paid. Their favourite excuse for this is it’s far easier to get the material they need to do the job as there is a shortage of material at this time due to the increased demand for materials. But, with cash they can get hold of the materials, a pretty plausible excuse that you will probably accept.

Whatever you do when storm & flood damage strikes never part with cash. I can recite one incidence were 11 different people gave cash to a so called builder and he was never seen again the guestimated total of money was in the region of 40 thousand pounds. So do not do it.

To counteract this problem we have decided to do something about it, we have some of the finest service providers in the UK on our books, each and every one who have signed up with us have agreed to attend emergency works throughout the UK. These boys and girls are geared up for this type of work and will give immediate response. These measures give you the peace of mind that the person/s attending your problem is fully vetted licensed professional trade who are not going to rip you off.

We put you in direct contact with them.

In part 3 on Friday, I’ll show you how we can help.

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