Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared?

storm & flood damage

Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared?

Storm & Flood Damage Are You Prepared?

Firstly, apologies for being the prophet of doom, but storm & flood damage is a huge issue here in the UK and worldwide.

What happens in the event of a major weather surge, inevitably properties will suffer damage or be flooded out, sometimes both?

We in this country are undergoing a change in weather conditions and we have to learn to manage storm & flood damage. It’s a fact that we have to accept. The bigger problem is there is nothing we can do about it until the storm passes or the waters subside. Only then can the damage done be quantified. You are left in a position of not knowing what to do or who to contact.

This section of this first blog on this issue blog is of absolute importance to you and you have to think about what I have written in depth.

On May 16 2014, the United Kingdom Met Office (UKMO) issued a forecast of a slightly below-average storm season. It predicted 10 named storms with a 70% chance that the number would be between 7 and 13 and 6 hurricanes with a 70% chance that the number would be between 3 and 9.

When a storm is given a name it’s going to be a big one. That means a lot of wind and water folks, something we are not used to dealing with. These storms come in off the Atlantic Ocean and where they make their landfall is very unpredictable. But wherever that is one can rest assured there will be major storm & flood damage.

If the fact that a property has been subjected to storm & flood damage is not enough we then have a follow up problem that begins.

Being conservative lets imagine an area of 50 square miles are affected by this storm. Everybody within this area is affected by this storm, which includes every service provider in this area; they can’t get the spare parts or the materials to make repairs so one has the problem of finding somebody from a long way off to do your work for you.

Out of the woodwork springs the Confidence tricksters, The Cowboy Builders, like a cat with a mouse they are just waiting to strike.

Continued on Friday with Part 2…

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