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The trouble with trade recommendation websites

Trade Recommendation Websites – Discuss

Trade Recommendation Websites – The Elephant in the Room A difficult post but it’s time the debate was started Today we are starting a series of blog posts that tell the true story of our Service Industry with a focus on Trade Recommendation Websites. Our service industry is in our opinion, at this time, not operating to the best of its skill & ability. That is not a criticism of our highly skilled trades in any way. It is a reflection of [...]

Beat the Cowboy Builder Change the Game

Time to Change the Game

Changing the Construction Game. Beat the Cowboy Builder is changing. As times and events change one has to adapt and respond accordingly. This applies to companies as well. Time to Change the Game. We have noted, particularly in the last year, an upsurge in the activities of Cowboy Builder, Rogue Traders & Con-men. They are increasingly active and it is apparent that the problem is getting worse. To counteract this menace we are planning major changes in our future operations. Additionally, we have [...]

Ron Pye eliminating doubt of employing trades

Eliminating Doubt when Employing a Trade

Coming Soon – An Alliance to change construction Beat the Cowboy Builder are taking a brand new pioneering step in the realms of property renovation and repair. Our mission as many of you well know is to prevent poor works and to aid you the customer when you have fallen foul of shoddy workmanship or, as we all too often experience, something far, far worse. We want to eliminate the doubt when employing trades. It is our intention to give a new [...]

2016 - Say NO to Cowboy Builders

Cowboy Builders 2016 – NO More Scams!!

Say NO to Cowboy Builders and NO to scams in 2016 It’s a brand new year and I believe we need to look at adopting a new approach to it. A change of attitude is called for and the reason I say this is it has become increasingly evident to us that the Cowboy Builders really have come out to play this year. Since returning to work in January, that’s one month, we have had 27 complaints from the public concerning [...]

ron pye managing director of beat the cowboy builder

Relaunch of Beat the Cowboy Builder Blog

Good day to you. My name is Ron Pye and I am the author of this blog page which is being relaunched as of today. I also operate two UK based Trademarked Registered Companies named: “Beat the Cowboy Builder” and the “United Kingdom Federation of Builders”. Both of these companies operate in tandem for reasons that will become apparent as you digest my future blogs. Using the knowledge I have accrued over 45 years of working in the construction industry progressing [...]

beat the cowboy builder does not condone trade bashing

**Official Notification** – ‘Trade Bashing’ – Beat The Cowboy Builder™

Official Notification – Beat The Cowboy Builder™ Beat The Cowboy Builder™ is not a ‘trade bashing’ website. Beat The Cowboy Builder™ does not and would never condone trade bashing or any such behaviour. We do actively report all instances of people lawfully prosecuted for wrong doing but we do not ever and will not ever point the finger at trades without proper evidence. It has become increasingly apparent that the moral basis of which our company is founded upon is now a [...]


‘Not my fault so why should I have to pay?’ Net Contribution Clauses.

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder Sarah E Philips, solicitor with Thomas Eggar LLP, mulls the virtues of net contribution clauses. In the recent case of West & West v Ian Finlay & Associates [2013] EWHC 868 (TCC) the judge considered the validity of a net contribution clause in the professional appointment of Finlay & Associates (F&A). This related to building works that Mr and Mrs West had carried out on their home. Net contribution clauses aim to ensure that [...]

Retina Logo of Beat The Cowboy Builder

Cowboy Builders given prison sentences

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder Two cowboy builders who tried to con an elderly Exeter resident into having an expensive driveway laid have been given jail sentences. James Doran from Gloucester and Patrick Connors of Hertfordshire had already made another man in Plympton agree to pay six and a half thousand pounds for driveway work. The cowboy builders were thwarted when the man’s bank manager became suspicious – and the work they’d done was found to be shoddy. In the [...]


Crossrail managers face ‘spying and fear’ claims

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder Construction unions are calling for Crossrail and its main contractors to take action after a leaked safety report revealed a “culture of spying and fear” leaving workers and crossrail managers afraid to report accidents. Construction Union UCATT is calling for an urgent meeting after a leaked independent report revealed excessive man-marking by Crossrail managers was pushing relations with contractors to the limit. The damning report was produced by consultants MindSafety for the BBMV joint venture digging [...]