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Beat the Cowboy Builder Change the Game

Time to Change the Game

Changing the Construction Game. Beat the Cowboy Builder is changing. As times and events change one has to adapt and respond accordingly. This applies to companies as well. Time to Change the Game. We have noted, particularly in the last year, an upsurge in the activities of Cowboy Builder, Rogue Traders & Con-men. They are increasingly active and it is apparent that the problem is getting worse. To counteract this menace we are planning major changes in our future operations. Additionally, we have [...]

Ron Pye eliminating doubt of employing trades

Eliminating Doubt when Employing a Trade

Coming Soon – An Alliance to change construction Beat the Cowboy Builder are taking a brand new pioneering step in the realms of property renovation and repair. Our mission as many of you well know is to prevent poor works and to aid you the customer when you have fallen foul of shoddy workmanship or, as we all too often experience, something far, far worse. We want to eliminate the doubt when employing trades. It is our intention to give a new [...]

use our free service provider recommendation service in 2016

Happy New Year 2016 – Need a Service Provider?

Happy New Year 2016 – All the very best Well folks, clichéd as it may be, another year has passed it’s now the NEW YEAR. Beat the Cowboy Builder would like to wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous 2016. I expect a lot of you are planning to have all sorts of works carried out on your property throughout this year, you will no doubt have the same dilemma as last year. WHO do you get [...]

Building Contract

Why You Should have a Building Contract in Place.

An Apology from Ron Pye to the Genuine Honest Trades of the UK I have received some criticism regarding information I put out in my blog piece How to avoid Cowboy Builders. I feel I must apologise if anybody was misled or my remarks could be misleading in any way. I stated that one should never give large sums of money to any builder prior to the work being completed to a satisfactory standard. This has been misconstrued as meaning do not pay [...]

Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C in spotlight as taxpayers foot £12.4bn bill

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder The financing behind Hinkley Point C has been called into question today by an influential think tank. According to the Westminster-based think tank, CentreForum, the private financing behind the project will cost British consumers £12.4bn more over 35 years than government backed procurement. The think tank said the lack of government investment will result in Hinkley Point C needing an additional bill of at least £15 a year per UK household “for a generation, [...]