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how to avoid cowboy builders

How to Avoid Cowboy Builders

Top Tips on how to avoid Cowboy Builders This is by no means an easy thing to do but we can help you avoid cowboy builders by following some of our expert advice. The biggest problem you face is you don’t know they are cowboys until it’s too late. So, the question is how can you spot them beforehand? There are a few things you can do but you must be stringent. Seek out completed works recommendations. Seek out previous satisfied clients. [...]


Employing a Builder – The Honest Truth Part 2.

Here is a fact you may not know when employing a builder, the actions of this builder are not criminal actions they are a civil matter. You have to prove that in any court that he has acted in an unprofessional manner, that is not easy to do. You have to take this person to court and the costs of the court case will be yours if you don’t prove your case, that’s the law of the land as [...]

The truth about employing a builder

Employing a Builder – The Honest Truth Part 1.

I think I am right when I suggest your biggest concern when employing a builder and having works done on your property is the fact that you are going to be dealing with a total stranger who you really know nothing about. Think about it, what do you really know about this person? They may come with great recommendations but unfortunately you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes in this person’s life, how solvent this [...]

ron pye managing director of beat the cowboy builder

Relaunch of Beat the Cowboy Builder Blog

Good day to you. My name is Ron Pye and I am the author of this blog page which is being relaunched as of today. I also operate two UK based Trademarked Registered Companies named: “Beat the Cowboy Builder” and the “United Kingdom Federation of Builders”. Both of these companies operate in tandem for reasons that will become apparent as you digest my future blogs. Using the knowledge I have accrued over 45 years of working in the construction industry progressing [...]


Cowboy Builder Craig Miles jailed for defrauding

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder A FORMER Camelford man who conned a couple out of their life savings in a bungled renovation project has been jailed for six years for fraud. Cowboy Builder Craig Miles was hired by Wadebridge couple Trevor and Linda Simpson to convert their dilapidated grade two listed barn into accommodation for family holidays and for the use of underprivileged children from Chernobyl, Truro Crown Court heard on Friday. The retired teachers paid around £100,000 to [...]


Police appeal for help in tracing rogue traders’ van

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder Police are appealing for information to trace a white Ford Transit scaffolding van after an elderly man in Bath was charged nearly £7000 for roofing work. The van and its occupants are thought to have been involved in other so-called rogue trader cases across the Bath area, and in Devon and Cornwall, where homeowners were persuaded to pay large amounts for shoddy or unfinished work. The 85-year-old Bath man called the scaffolding company to [...]

beat the cowboy builder does not condone trade bashing

**Official Notification** – ‘Trade Bashing’ – Beat The Cowboy Builder™

Official Notification – Beat The Cowboy Builder™ Beat The Cowboy Builder™ is not a ‘trade bashing’ website. Beat The Cowboy Builder™ does not and would never condone trade bashing or any such behaviour. We do actively report all instances of people lawfully prosecuted for wrong doing but we do not ever and will not ever point the finger at trades without proper evidence. It has become increasingly apparent that the moral basis of which our company is founded upon is now a [...]

Danny Shea - serial cowboy builder jailed for five-and-a-half years

Danny Shea – serial cowboy builder jailed for five-and-a-half years

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder A Hampshire serial cowboy builder has been sent to prison for five-and-a-half years after admitting ten offences of fraud and fraudulent trading. Danny Shea, 48, of Bordon, Hampshire was sentenced at Winchester Crown Court yesterday following a three-year investigation by the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU). Danny Shea initially pleaded not guilty to all the charges but he changed his pleas at hearings earlier this year. SEROCU officers and financial investigators had followed [...]


‘Animal Auschwitz’ farmer now jailed for being a Cowboy Builder

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder A farmer behind the animal auschwitz neglect case in Britain, has been jailed for four years after also being exposed as a cowboy builder. James Gray  also targeted Mr Margerum, of Swindon, Wilts, saying he had heard he had been the victim of cowboy builders. James ‘Jamie’ Gray was jailed for six months in 2009 for a catalogue of horrific abuse against horses and ponies by him and his family at Spindles Farm, Hyde [...]