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The trouble with trade recommendation websites

Trade Recommendation Websites – Discuss

Trade Recommendation Websites – The Elephant in the Room A difficult post but it’s time the debate was started Today we are starting a series of blog posts that tell the true story of our Service Industry with a focus on Trade Recommendation Websites. Our service industry is in our opinion, at this time, not operating to the best of its skill & ability. That is not a criticism of our highly skilled trades in any way. It is a reflection of [...]


Trade Recommendation Sites – Good or Bad Thing?

See on Scoop.it – Beat The Cowboy Builder Trade recommendation sites and services, are they a good or bad thing? TRADE RECOMMENDATION SITES What is a trade recommendation site? They are sites offering a service to the general public. That service being: professional building trades that they recommend as being verified/accredited. Surf through the internet and advertising on the TV, we have a plethora of these types of sites. In fact there are dozens of them. Well all that glitters is not gold! The questions [...]