Time to Change the Game

Beat the Cowboy Builder Change the Game

Time to Change the Game

Changing the Construction Game.

Beat the Cowboy Builder is changing.

As times and events change one has to adapt and respond accordingly. This applies to companies as well. Time to Change the Game.

We have noted, particularly in the last year, an upsurge in the activities of Cowboy Builder, Rogue Traders & Con-men. They are increasingly active and it is apparent that the problem is getting worse. To counteract this menace we are planning major changes in our future operations.

Additionally, we have also noted that this trend of conning people is spreading throughout the whole service provider industry. Service provision is a major player in one’s life from the washing machine repair man to the chimney sweep. Service providers are without doubt a backbone of the domestic sector within building and construction. The construction industry comprises of 106 individual services that are used in all of our homes on a regular basis. That’s an awful lot of people one has to put their blind faith and trust into.

It is our intention to revolutionise the old methods that have become archaic, that we know don’t work, replacing them with a new pioneering, contemporary approach. We aim to Change the Game.

How would you, the homeowner, like to pick up the phone or log into our website and select the service you require that is guaranteed to give you a first class job, every time? Licensed tradespeople carrying out work on your property. Yes, Licensed Trades, also Licensed Service Providers. Proper people that care and take pride in their work; this is what we are going to be offering to you the householder. Best of all this service is totally FREE to any UK householder.

Every service provider who works with us will have to sign up and agree with our agreed Terms and Conditions. These terms are set by current legislation that is in force throughout the UK. They are Mandatory laws that have to be implemented by each and every service provider. Any breach of these laws is prosecutable.

To Change the Game we need to re-establish trust between service providers and customers.

When you as the client look for a particular service on our website you will automatically be linked to six providers of that particular service you want who operate in your county. Each service provider will have their full website displayed on this link so you can select, or reject the service you require. It is a highly innovative approach to the age old problem of “who do we use”. In fact it’s totally unique.
You and only you deal with this provider, we have no input other than the introduction, we are behind the scenes in case of issues we are there to protect both you and the provider.

For speed of response and cover for you we are starting our FREE CLIENT REGISTRATION SCHEME. Send us your details, Name, Address, County, email address using this link and we will place you on our instant response data base. Our fully vetted and licensed service providers can then contact you direct ONLY when you call for a service to be provided. We promise we will NEVER spam you!

We intend to launch our service in approximately six to eight weeks time so sign up today and watch this space!

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