Welcome To our New Improved Blog!

new improved blog

Welcome To our New Improved Blog!

On our New Improved Blog we will be discussing the latest issues concerning Cowboy Builders, Confidence Tricksters and Rogue Traders.

We will also aim to answer all your questions regarding these issues. You may have questions/opinions about our posts so please leave comments and we encourage you to become actively involved.

If you are familiar with our new website, you will be aware that we have been fighting to eradicate Cowboy Builders for some time now. We are the original and still the best source to you, the public, to prevent and cure the issue of Cowboy Builders. We aim to continue that and help you in our quest to eradicate Cowboy Builders.

We are aware that to you the public, when you require a builder or trade to do some works for you, it can be a very confusing situation to choose the correct trade and avoid the cowboys. A trade or builder may have a good verbal recommendation from a friend, however he isn’t a member of the Trade Federations that are available, or they aren’t featured with the volutary recommendation services out there. It can feel like you are taking a huge risk.

We aim to take that confusion away and also provide you with the best, reliable trades this country has to offer.

Please stay posted by checking our blog regularly.

Ron Pye. MD of  BTCB™

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