Why You Should have a Building Contract in Place.

Building Contract

Why You Should have a Building Contract in Place.

An Apology from Ron Pye to the Genuine Honest Trades of the UK

I have received some criticism regarding information I put out in my blog piece How to avoid Cowboy Builders.

I feel I must apologise if anybody was misled or my remarks could be misleading in any way.

I stated that one should never give large sums of money to any builder prior to the work being completed to a satisfactory standard.
This has been misconstrued as meaning do not pay deposits. This is not the case. Of course builders expect a deposit to be paid, why should they be expected to front the full cost on any build?

A deposit should be an amicably agreed sum of money agreed by both the builder and the client. We are quite adamant that this deposit should never be more than one third of the total build cost. That leaves the other two thirds to be paid in stage payments. Which once again the builder and the client should agree a suitable timescale on.

I hope that clears the misconception up.

Why both the builder and the client need a building contract

The point I was making regarding large sums of money is the fact that a lot of clients get ripped off when they do this. When you think about it it’s a big chance to take, you have no idea if the person you are going to trust with this large payment is going to come up with the goods.

The one and only way to protect oneself is to have a signed and dated building contract. The beauty of a building contract is it removes the element of who said what to whom. It removes that element of doubt, what is written in a contract is gospel; there is no escape from the written word. A contract gives an element of protection to both parties so it is beneficial to both parties.

One has to think protection all the time, one cannot afford to take chances, taking a chance can become a very costly exercise indeed.
Money brings out the worst in people, people have killed over it, and we may believe it is the root of all evil but if it’s ours we are not going to have it taken from us freely.

Our advice is always have a contract in place, this applies to all builders and service providers and the public, the written word can and does protect you.

We have Building Contracts that we can send out to you. Contact us here and we can provide you with one for your next project.

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